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Paris High School FBLA

Group Photo

Congratulations to the Business Achievement Award "America" level finalists! They have qualified to attend Nationals in Nashville, TN!



FBLA Upcoming Events!
April 13-15 State Leadership Conference and Competition Conference
May 6 FBLA Banquet Group Event
May ??? FBLA Field Trip and Bowling Fun Group Event
May 19 2014 FBLA Picnic Fun Group Event
June 29-July 2 National Leadership Conference in Nashville, TN Conference


Officers2013-2014 Paris FBLA Officers
President Bryce Ensor
Vice President Danielle Wheelan
Secretary Katie Otto
Treasurer Rae Graupman
Public Relations Teddy Ebbesmeyer
Co-Historians Amy Kendrick and Russell Mitchell
Parliamentarian Jake Peak
Student Council Rep. Jon Turner

Advisor Photo "Being an FBLA adviser has been the most rewarding experience of my teaching career. Working together with FBLA members to help them achieve recognition at the district, state, and national level of competitive events is so much fun. Traveling around the nation to attend national conferences has given students and me lifelong experiences that we will never forget. FBLA is the best and so are the Paris High School FBLA students."

Adviser: Barb Mason


State Officers

"Being a state officer of FBLA has given me so many opportunities and experiences that I will be able to take with me for the rest of my life." --Bryce Ensor, 2013-2014 FBLA State Treasurer

The Paris FBLA Chapter's First State Officer


About FBLA - Creed - Goals

"Our mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs."

Pledge "I solemnly promise to uphold the aims and responsibilities of Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda and, as an active member, I shall strive to develop the qualities necessary in becoming a responsible business leader."
History - Full History
1937 Hamden L. Forkner of Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City, proposes to business teachers across the country that a national organization is needed for the thousands of business clubs in the nation’s high schools and colleges.
1942 An experimental chapter is chartered in Johnson City, Tennessee, on February 3 and a second chapter is started two days later in St. Albans, West Virginia. By the end of the year, 39 chapters are added; and over the next three and one-half years, another 38 chapters join.
1947 Iowa becomes the first FBLA state chapter, and Indiana and Ohio quickly follow. Within the next three years, there was a total of ten FBLA state chapters.

BAA Recipient March Guest Speaker
Group at Meeting Group at Meeting
Group at Meeting Group at Meeting
November meeting Meeting
December meeting December Meeting


SLC Practice
SLC Practice SLC Practice
SLC Practice SLC Practice


Pancake Breakfast
Pancake Breakfast Pancake Breakfast
Pancake Breakfast Pancake Breakfast


FBLA District Competition
districts districts
districts districts


Business Appreciation Day Business Appreciation Day
Practice Night Practice Night


Nashville Bound Party
Nashville bound party Christmas Party
Christmas Party Nashville Bound Party


Christmas Party
Christmas Party Christmas Party
Christmas Party Christmas Party


Christmas at the Senior Center
Christmas at Senior Center Christmas at Senior Center
Christmas at Senior Center Christmas at Senior Center


Brownie Fundraiser
Group at Meeting Group at Meeting
Brownie Fundraiser Brownie Fundraiser


Red Cross Blood Drive
Blood Drive
Blood Drive Blood Drive
Blood Drive Blood Drive


American Enterprise Day
American Enterprise Day American Enterprise Day
American Enterprise Day American Enterprise Day


National Fall Leadership Conference
ATT Stadium
Tour at Southwest Airlines NFLC
Officers at the Grassy Knoll, JFK Museum


FBLA/Student Council/FCA Harvest Party: Shryocks Corn Maze
Corn Maze
Corn Maze Corn Maze
Corn Maze Corn Maze
Corn Maze


Capture the Spirit of FBLA
Capture the Flag
Capture the Flag Touring
Capture the Flag


"Trick or Treat" Can Food Drive
party1 party2
Can Food Drive


Scavenger Hunt
Misspelled Word Leap Frog
Unusual Perspective Shower Cap Time
Scavenger Hunt Scavenger Hunt


Show Me State Leadership Conference
Mizzou Rec Center Mizzou Training Center
Mizzou Tiger Touring


Member and Officer Installation
Group photo at member installation
Refreshments Officer Pics 3
Officer Pics 5 Refreshments 2


Executive Leadership Conference
cookies cookies
meal practice


National Leadership Conference: Anaheim, CA
Group at Meeting Ice Breaker
Meeting with Guest Speaker Icebreaker during Meeting

2013 State Leadership Conference Results
2nd Place Business Math-Teddy Ebbesmeyer*
3rd Place Word Processing I-Teddy Ebbesmeyer*
3rd Place E-Businees-Nicole Burke and Shelby DeTienne
3rd Place Web Site Design-Nicole Burke, Shelby DeTienne, and Bryce Ensor
3rd Place Business Financial Plan-Danielle Wheelan
4th Place Public Speaking I-Katie Otto*
4th Place Emerging Business Issues-Danielle Wheelan, Destinee Wheeler, and Audrey Vitt
6th Place Who's Who in Missouri FBLA-Payton Gruber
Business Person of the Year-Jamie Ebbesmeyer
BAA Leader Level Winners-Danielle Wheelan, Teddy Ebbesmeyer, Katie Otto, Bryce Ensor, & Payton Gruber
2013-2014 Missouri State FBLA Treasurer-Bryce Ensor*
*Denotes National Qualifier


2014 FBLA District Results
Katie Otto Accounting I 1
Audrey Vitt Business Financial Plan 1
Brett Mason Business Financial Plan 1
Courtney Dickey Business Financial Plan 1
Ben Ebbesmeyer Business Math 1
Danielle Wheelan Business Plan 1
Amy Kendrick Database Design & Applications 1
Makenzie Fox Desktop Publishing 1
Robyn North Desktop Publishing 1
Rae Graupman Digital Video Production 1
Brant Francis Digital Video Production 1
Bryce Ensor Future Business Leader 1
Brooke Rentschler Help Desk 1
David Vestal Hospitality Management 1
Russell Mitchell Hospitality Management 1
Shelby Powell Hospitality Management 1
Rae Graupman Impromptu Speaking 1
Ben Ebbesmeyer Public Speaking 1 1
Audrey Vitt Public Speaking II 1
Teddy Ebbesmeyer Website Design 1
Brant Francis Website Design 1
Dakota Anderson Accounting I 2
Patrick Ensor Cyber Security 2
Ben Ebbesmeyer Emerging Business Issues 2
Bryce Ensor Emerging Business Issues 2
Abbie Wheelan Emerging Business Issues 2
Shelby Powell Entrepreneurship 2
Dakota Anderson Entrepreneurship 2
Jon Turner Entrepreneurship 2
Kenzie Dye Public Service Announcement 2
Gloria Breid Public Service Announcement 2
Halie Jordan Public Service Announcement 2
Teddy Ebbesmeyer Word Processing 2
Audrey Vitt Agribusiness 3
Rachel Batsell Business Presentation 3
Katie Otto Business Presentation 3
Patrick Ensor Business Procedures 3
Hannah Bartels Electronic Career Portfolio 3
Patrick Ensor Introduction to Business 3
Danielle Wheelan Job Interview 3
Nic Thomas Management Decision Making 3
Brett Mason Management Decision Making 3
Jake Peak Management Decision Making 3
Nic Thomas Sports Management 3
Jake Peak Sports Management 3
Jon Turner Sports Management 3
Bryce Ensor Accounting I 4
Teddy Ebbesmeyer Business Calculations 4
Taylor Redmon Accounting I 5
Zane Lockhart Client Service 5
Russell Mitchell Digital Design and Promotion 5
Dakota VanWinkle Digital Design and Promotion 5
Amy Kendrick Digital Design and Promotion 5
Kenzie Dye Global Business 5
Halie Jordan Global Business 5
Gloria Breid Global Business 5
Russell Mitchell Insurance & Risk Management 5
Brooke Rentschler Marketing 5
Abbie Wheelan Marketing 5
Rachel Batsell Networking Concepts 5

Business Achievement Awards
Future Business Leader America
Jon Turner Jake Peak Danielle Wheelan Danielle Wheelan
Rae Graupman Danielle Wheelan Bryce Ensor Bryce Ensor
Jake Peak Bryce Ensor Katie Otto Katie Otto
Hannah Bartels Katie Otto Teddy Ebbesmeyer Teddy Ebbesmeyer
Danielle Wheelan Teddy Ebbesmeyer    
Bryce Ensor Abbie Wheelan    
Katie Otto Jon Turner    
Teddy Ebbesmeyer      
Abbie Wheelan      
Ben Ebbesmeyer      
Russell Mitchell      


Paris FBLA Members
Freshman Sophomores
Tanner Anderson David Vestal Sabrina Wright Abbie Wheelan
Ben Ebbesmeyer Brant Ensor Hannah Bartels Jon Turner
Patrick Ensor Chelsea Holmes Dakota VanWinkle Dakota Anderson
Nic Thomas Matthew Unterbrink Shelby Powell  
Juniors Seniors
Katie Otto Audrey Vitt Bryce Ensor Destinee Wheeler
Brant Francis Rachel Batsell Zane Lockhart Gloria Breid
Quin Bartels Robyn North Kenzie Dye Danielle Wheelan
Russell Mitchell Teddy Ebbesmeyer Rae Graupman Shane Umstattd
Jake Peak Brooke Rentschler Halie Jordan Amy Kendrick
Chrisee Wheeler Courtney Dickey Makenzie Fox Taylor Redmon
Brett Mason      


FBLA Complete Schedule of Events
First Thursday Each Month Monthly Meetings Meetings
July 29-30 Executive Leadership Conference Conference
August 27 Capture the Spirit of FBLA Fun Event
September 19 FBLA Assembly-Presenting of Resolutions Group Event
September 24 Member and Officer Installation Group Event
October 5 Show Me Conference Conference
October 7 Scavenger Hunt Fun Event
November 6-10 National Fall Leadership Conference Conference
November 11-15 American Enterprise Week with Elementary Students Group Event
November 11-15 Brownie Fundraiser Fundraiser
November 21 Red Cross Blood Drive Service Event
November 25-29 Sign up for District Competitive Events Group Event
December 14 Christmas at the Senior Center Group Event
January 21 Bake Sale/Shoot Out Fundraiser Fundraiser
January 25 Nashville Bound Party Group Event
February 10-14 FBLA Week Group Event
February 14 District Leadership Conference and Competition Conference
March 1 BAA Deadline Deadline
March 13 FBLA Field Trip Fun Event
April 4 Work and Serve at Miss Paris Fundraiser
April 5 FBLA Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser
April 13-15 State Leadership Conference and Competition Conference
May 6 FBLA Banquet Group Event
May 19 2014 FBLA Picnic Group Event
June 29-July 2 National Leadership Conference in Nashville, TN Conference


"I enjoy FBLA; it is a lot of fun and I think everyone enjoys it as well." -Courtney Dickey, Junior Member


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